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Da Spit Club/Darc Cyphas Entertainment is an internet based movement that was originally introduced as Cali Spit Club in 2015.  Even though the goal was to be a membership based Hip Hop movement that stressed financial independence, artist collaborations and sharing, Hip Hop cyphers, music industry education as well as employment skills and development, it morphed into attempting to create a music compilation of songs where there was 3-4 artists from different regions of several countries trading verses on each song.  There would be no direction on subject matter, so in essence the listener could enjoy 3-4 different stories in each song.  Artits were lined up, tracks were chosen, artists were paired and were supposed to send their vocals for arrangement.  Many were interested, many gave verbal commitments ut only few followed through.   1 song was released with marginal support and the project was shelved.  At the same time we ventured to capture and international fan base by enlisting aspiring Hip Hop artists countries to participate by creating a movement in various countries where Hip Hop has a strong presence.  Our first international chapter was out of the Philipines and was called Cali Spit Club PI.  It never really got out of the development stage, but with the artists there so willing to make this happen, we are proud to bring them back as part ofDa Spit Club's 2019 team.  There is so muych talent in the Antipolo, Rizal area of the Philipines we are sure they will add that internation touch to the team.

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